DRAGWIRE® specializes drag car, drag bike, round track, road course, and street mil-spec grade wiring and computer systems including datalog systems, Electronic Fuel injection systems, and full race packages.


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A Facility To Appreciate

Our private facility is situated on ten acres of commercial property in central North Carolina, you can be sure……

Why DRAGWIRE® Is The Best

We use the proper tools for the job any time we…

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White Glove Service

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A Facility To Appreciate

  • Security

    • Multi layered security systems keep your vehicle safe at all times
    • 360 degree video surveillance both inside and outside of the facility
    • Complete security system
    • Fire protection system

  • Privacy

    • Private facility not open to the public
    • No unauthorized hands touching your vehicle
    • No unauthorized prying eyes on your vehicle
    • Security codes are required to enter shop areas from office areas

  • Dedication

    • DRAGWIRE® is not a shared facility, it is maintained for the purpose of conducting Dragwire, LLC business

Why Is DRAGWIRE® The Best?

DRAGWIRE® offers a lifetime of innovation and, more important, winning in the custom motorsport wiring game. Our team has a combined 90 years of racing experience and 25 years of engineering expertise. Every system we put together is tested for proper operation – and that means, on the street or on the track, that we’ll squeeze from your vehicle the winning performance you want and need.

We believe our superiority lies in three things: Our attitude, our approach, and our personnel. Our attitude is all about winning, naturally, but there’s more to it than that. We approach every job with professionalism, with attention to detail, and above all else, we’ll treat your car with the same exacting care that you would. We know that your custom motorsport wiring job isn’t about your vehicle alone. It’s about what that vehicle will be expected to do. It’s about the performance you’ll wring from that engine, from that finely crafted and superbly tuned machine. We live and breathe custom motorsports… and because we know what WE would want from such a system, we’re prepared to give you exactly what YOU will want, too.

What Is Race Car Wiring?

But what do we mean when we say, “race car wiring?” We’re talking about designing, installing, and testing electronic fuel injection systems, turbo systems, nitrous oxide systems, and data logging systems for street-legal and drag-racing vehicles. We even do mil-spec grade wiring, design, installation and testing for related equipment. We use only the best components, too, like Holley, MSD, Dynojet, EFI Technology, and Haltech. If you know what a autosport or a deutsch connector is, if the words “tefzel wire” mean anything to you, if you’re looking for help with drag-tuning, if you drive a GSXR or a promod, we can help. We’re masters with wiring harnesses, experts on electronic fuel injection, and artists when it comes to bringing those packages together. THAT is what race wiring means to us – and that is why you need DRAGWIRE®.

We add that special “Custom” to Race Car Wiring

In our high-tech shop, we use custom computer programs to design our systems, never taking shortcuts. We choose quality in everything we do. Why? Because when you depend on your high-performance drag- or street-racing machine, it takes only a single bad connection to lead to disaster. Winning isn’t the only thing our custom motorsport wiring systems do for you. They’re also put together to ensure your safety.

We Build Your Solution from the Ground Up

Everything we build starts at the component level. We design you a true custom system to meet your precise specifications. If you can imagine it, we can design and build it – and do it better than our competition. Our race car wiring systems are entirely designed around your specifications and within your space constraints. You tell us what you need or, if you’re not sure, we’ll help you determine what your design must entail. Then we’ll execute that system, making sure it’s solid, it’s safe, and it performs like a winner.

Race Car Wiring Does NOT Mean Prefabricated, One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

There are no cookie-cutter systems in our shop; we don’t start with some prefabricated solution and expect it to work for you. No, we design you truly custom, individual, innovative wiring systems to meet your needs. In our minds, there simply is no other way. And don’t worry if your specifications are just that – very specific. We can fit your system into just about any space to meet just about any need. Just let us have a crack at it and we’ll prove to you what we can do.

About The DRAGWIRE® Team

Ricky L. Price

Our team members are just like you: They love drag-racing, street racing, and high-performance engines. For example, there’s Ricky Price, who built his first automobile engine at just 14 years old. He’s an expert race engine builder with 50 years of round-track and drag racing under his belt. He’s the mastermind behind countless winning race teams, having fielded or been involved in winning teams at the local, state, and national levels. That’s not just idle bragging, either: Ricky is a two-time world championship team member who’s also won countless drag matches. He’s been responsible for several hundred feature wins on dirt tracks, drag strips, and asphalt, building many race vehicles from the ground up. His innovative first-time concepts have given his race teams a significant advantage over the competition more than once.

Rodney J. Price

DRAGWIRE® is, among other things, a family. Ricky’s son Rodney has more than 25 years of experience as an electrical engineer and robotics engineer. He’s worked at home and abroad, been involved in several patented processes, and has been a member of both national and foreign invention teams. He’s registered as an engineering expert by the government of one foreign nation – and that’s not surprising when you consider he started racing at just 11 years old. Since then he’s racked up more than 300 wins on dirt and asphalt, on both round tracks and drag strips. He’s fielded everything from winning karts to ATVs to legend cars and full-size racing vehicles. While his father Ricky built his first engine at 14, Rodney started racing at just 11 years old. He was 15 when he started building engines and, like his father, has built many a race vehicle from the floor of a garage on up. He’s also an accomplished bungee jumper and canyon swinger who’s engaged in his love of adventure sports in nine countries. He’s done what he calls some “light climbing” on Mount Everest and spends some of his free time building homes for needy families.

Steven M. Price

Then there’s Steven, Rodney’s son, who started racing karts at only 9 years old (and who brought in his first win at that age). Steven continues the Price family’s tradition of both professional, innovative custom motorsport wiring, race car builds, and technological development… while also furthering the family’s love of racing. He’s been a member of several winning race teams and has experience with high-tech vehicle modifications.

All this expertise is absolutely essential to the world of custom motorsport wiring. We’re a new business, but we’ve been doing custom motorsport wiring for many years. Rodney Price has owned and operated a wiring engineering company since 1993, which means he’s done multiple 100K-plus engineering projects for many companies as well as military and other government agencies. The team at DRAGWIRE® has the technical skill, the attention to detail, the caring and attentive attitude, and the high-tech equipment to build your custom motorsport wiring system. All it takes is a phone call or a visit from you to get the process started. Contact us today, won’t you? Let us show you just how well we can perform for you – and how well your vehicle, in turn, will perform with one of our custom motorsport wiring packages.

DRAGWIRE® White Glove Service

When we say White Glove Service, we mean it. Upon arrival at our facility, your vehicle will literally be handled with soft white gloves to prevent any damage or scratches and will enjoy a clean climate controlled environment. Your vehicle IS the star of the show and we treat it that way!


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